Colomba Leddi loves petals, moss and roots. She also likes rooster feathers and hens, stones gathered in the wood, carpets found in Uzbekistan, and her father’s painting from the ‘60s. And whatever she likes- whether it is petals, stones or embroidery – becomes something else, first, in her imagination. And then, when it is photographed, enlarged,and digitalized: everything becomes a jumper, a skirt, a jacket, a light overcoat to be worn with joy when spring finally arrives, a quilted coat that is padded and soft like a warm embrace if the winter day is too harsh.


And not only clothes! Petals and stones become wallpaper, curtains, cushions, table cloths…In other words, her new Home Collection: ideas for living.


But what happens if you have fallen in love with those petals that became a coat, but it’s from an old collection? Don’t worry, you can always get it made to order.



Colomba Leddi was born in Milan. Her mother was a music teacher and her father a painter. In 1992 she joined the group Frammenti, experimenting with various artisan techniques that she applied to fashion.


Colomba Leddi has designed costumes for theatre. She now teaches at NABA, Nuova Accademia di Belle Arti, in Milan.

In 1996 she opened her atelier in an old courtyard located in the center of Milan on via Revere 3. Her atelier is a real atelier, a small epicenter of energy and creativity where ideas and inspirations multiply, and take shape. They become fabric and then turn into clothes, curtains and installations.


Inspirations for the fabrics are drawn from what captures the atelier’s imagination: flowers picked in the garden, a detail of a single petal or the pattern on a carpet, are enlarged, with distorted proportions and perceptions becoming new visionary illusions. The atelier loves to experiment new printing tecniques on fabric as well as new materials, cotton popeline, canvas, light silk, soft nylon.



The atelier’s story is told, season after season, by the photographic images by Melina Mulas and become travelling fashion.


Exhibitions begin in 2006, at the Triennale di Milano: ”Eidos – le forme della moda”. 2008 Como: “ SuSeta”, at the Pinacoteca di Como. 2009, Japan Yokahama: “Intervallo”, at the studio BankArt . 2010, during the Architecture Biennale in Venice, at the Galleria Le 5 Venice: “Passeggiata evanescente”.  

Colomba Leddi participated in the events of the Design Week in Milano 2010 and 2011.

In 2010, at Villa Reale, for the exhibition “Tutti a Tavola”, together with the architect David Khon.

In 2011 at her atelier, “Giardino d’Interni”, and “Erbario” at Rosanna Orlandi.



In Colomba Leddi’s atelier, you can find unique pieces and clothes that are custom made for you.


The brand is also on sale in boutiques around the world: Imarika, Rossanda Orlandi, Chicchi Ginepri in Milano; Egg and the Cross in London; Dover Street Market and H.P. Deco, Kyoku, Usagy por toi in Tokyo; Noodles stories in Los Angeles.


The collection is presented in Paris at Le Showroom Philippe Model.